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Local History Matters at the Maliseet Trail


The Maliseet Trail is one of the oldest surviving routes in North America, connecting the modern Canadian Maritimes and Maine across over 200 kilometres of lakes, rivers, and streams in addition to portages. Despite its long history of use, this once-important route was largely forgotten by the 20th century. Erin hikes a portion of this ancient highway and explores its history.


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Historia Nostra is a YouTube based video series considering different approaches to teaching & learning history. 

Written, produced, and created by Erin Isaac, MA. 

In our Experiencing History series, Erin visits museums and heritage sites across North America to review how history is taught on site. In our Doing History series, Erin chats with historians about how they “do history” and about how non-written sources can be used as historical sources. In our Frontier on Film series, historians review period dramas and other historically-based films and shows.